What BioRaptor can do for your Bioprocess

Reduce costs

Enhance collaboration

Improve yields

Maximize experiment insights

Enhance quality

Increase throughput

Speed time to market

More insights

Why teams love using BioRaptor

BioRaptor helps scientists make the most of their data


We streamline your data, you pioneer the biology

Single repository means no need to worry about losing data. BioRaptor ingests and harmonizes all data from multiple sources. Now, you have the right infrastructure to make data-driven decisions based on actionable insights.


Data visualizations helps you and your colleagues uncover insights faster

Quickly and easily slice and dice your data from inter- and intra-experiments to gain a deeper understanding of your organism.


Bioprocess optimization & root cause analysis. Optimization and Analysis

BioRaptor integrates precision-engineered features like GCR (Glucose Consumption Rate) calculations, OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate), and OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate) with advanced software sensors for real-time monitoring. BioRaptor propels your capabilities, positioning you at the forefront of bioprocessing innovation.


Real-time detection of abnormalities in current runs

Avoid aborting experiments by receiving timely alerts from BioRaptor’s early-anomaly detection machine learning algorithm.


Generate reports, in one-click

Create and share beautiful reports, instantly. Save for future use or simply create new ones to demonstrate all the work that you have accomplished.

Digital Twin

Run virtual experiments to test your hunches

Simulate digital what-if scenarios to better understand the underlying mechanisms driving yield, cost, and quality - while saving labwork spent exploring endless directions.

from Unknown to Known. Faster.

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Optimize outcomes at Every Stage

From early-stage research to a commercial product

For all bioprocess and R&D teams

Through all the experiment cycle

Making AI & ML Work for you

BioRaptor's AI engine is a game-changer - helping you reach your milestones.

Use AI to design optimal experiment plans in minutes not days

Even with shallow data or a moving target scenario, BioRaptor's adaptive DoE ensures you incorporate all relevant data for building the optimal experiment plan.

Replace wet experiments with AI-powered Simulations

Run unlimited digital "what if" scenarios to quickly predict results. BioRaptor's digital twin functionality lets you quickly gain deeper insights into your organisms' interactions with media and environmental parameters. Save time, effort, and cost associated with running unnecessary wet experiments.

Save experiments from failing with ML-based anomaly detection

BioRaptor's machine learning models help prevent experiment failure with early detection of abnormalities. Our model constantly trains itself on your sensors' behaviors to identify unusual patterns, and alerts you in real time. React early and save valuable experiments.

AI-Powered Insights for Bio Industries

Industrial biotechnology companies of all sizes use BioRaptor to accelerate market success
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Data-driven biology makes sense. But does it fit your organization's current needs?

We don’t have a stable process yet

Standardizing or designing your process is the perfect time to start using BioRaptor. With BioRaptor everything is documented, making it simpler to better understand your organism and the optimal path forward.

With BioRaptor, you start gaining value early on. Harness our calculated expressions to seamlessly configure your GCR, Oxygen Utilization Rate, and other formulas across all experiments. See adjustments to your organism evaluation methods instantly reflected in both past and future experiments. Schedule a demo to learn how we can help you design your processes for scale.

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We already have a data management solution

Even if you’re already benefiting from a single data repository, we can add extra value. Adding BioRaptor to your existing data management solution gives you a powerful analytical tool designed to handle cross-experiment queries.  So you can start unlocking the value in your data and convert it into actionable insights that drive significant impact on your future experiments, time to market, yield, cost, and more.

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Can BioRaptor support our experiment cycle?

BioRaptor provides value at every step. 

Build. All your data, from bioreactors to shared drives, is centralized in a single, queryable repository. 

Monitor. Once experiments are running, BioReactor assists in monitoring their progress and provides early warning of abnormalities so you can prevent experiment failures.

Analyze. BioRaptor joins the dots between multiple sources of data - from sensors and offline measurements to annotations. Test any hypotheses about the effects of multiple parameters on your organism, in less than a minute.  For instance, check the correlation between pH and the yield or understand the impact of temperature on cell count.

The real magic happens during cross-experiment analysis! BioRaptor helps you identify correlated factors quickly and, using our AI algorithm, surfaces hidden correlations (your unknown unknowns).

Collaborate. View the findings in various visualization options and share insights and ideas with colleagues. 

Plan. Equipped with actionable insights, you can now better plan your next experiments. What’s more, using our DoE functionality ensures you have the optimal plan. 

Predict. Finally, in digital twin prediction mode, you can run experiments virtually, boosting productivity and saving you unnecessary runs. 

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How can BioRaptor fit our constantly changing environment?

Bioprocesses are inherently unstable: parameters are always moving, and methods for calculating specific values are subject to constant change.

Here’s the good news. BioRaptor’s platform is incredibly dynamic, enabling you to adjust previous experiments to a constantly evolving data structure.
BioRaptorensures every single data point from every experiment can be easily retrieved and used to generate insights in the future.
Furthermore, BioRaptor streamlines collaboration between scientists and makes onboarding new team members simple - since all your existing data can be quickly reviewed and historical activities easily understood.

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We don't have enough data yet

It’s never too early to make your work easier and better. With BioRaptor you can document all your experiments to support quicker onboarding of new team members and streamline your team's work. More importantly, in the future, you’ll be able to leverage all your valuable data to make smarter predictions, planning, and process optimization. Click here to schedule a meeting with us or read here how we helped Remilk optimize their bioprocesses

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Can BioRaptor handle highly complex data?

Yes! Complex data and formulas are our bread and butter. 
BioRaptor’s calculated expressions ensure formula and calculation consistency across all experiments - past, present, and future - no matter how dynamic your bioprocess data is. Our templates for media, innoculum, and lab devices standardize your scientists’ workflows - saving valuable time in the process. 

BioRaptor does more of the analytical heavy lifting for you. For instance, our AI algorithm can search for correlations and factors, presenting you with a clearer data-driven pathway on where to focus your next experiment. Book a demo to learn how we help companies with massive data sets and various experiment types.

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We already have a team of data scientists

Even with an established in-house data team, BioRaptor enhances bioprocessing by providing an integrated, domain-specific platform. It centralizes and automates data management, reducing data preparation time, and employs tailored AI-driven algorithms for deeper bioprocessing insights. This streamlined collaboration, combined with BioRaptor's specialized tools, can amplify the efficiency of your data scientists, mitigating trial-and-error costs and fostering more effective bioprocesses.

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