Deep scientific insights, made easy.

BioRaptor's AI-powered insight platform unlocks the impact of every scientist in your organization.

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Questions scientists are asking

Which set of experiments can optimize my product?
When should I sample my process?
Which factors are key to achieving optimal yield?
What should my next experiment be?

Ready to supercharge your bioprocess?

Ready to supercharge your bioprocess?

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The how

How BioRaptor works

BioRaptor collects, harmonizes and analyses multimodal data through the lens of a biologist to generate actionable scientist-friendly insights. Here’s how it works.


Experimental pre-conditions
Sensor data
Downstream results

Deep analysis

BioRaptor.AI BioDB
Single source of truth

Deliver actionable insights

Media optimization
Process optimization
Design of experiments   Collaborate across departments

DNA helixDNA helix

The why

AI-powered Bioscience

Putting the power of AI-generated insights into the hands of every scientist

Biology is at a tipping point for implementing AI - thanks to rich data, tool availability, compute capacity, and measurable business impact. Our goal is to empower every scientist and biotech firm, making AI-powered insights a natural part of every workflow.  From alt-protein foods to new biopharmaceuticals, BioRaptor will make it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for scientists to discover, develop and scale processes that get much-needed food and pharma products into the hands of those who need them.

AI that speaks the language of scientists

Making it easy for scientists to understand what their multimodal data is telling them

"If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough".
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Alas, that seems to apply to many scientific data analytical tools. Bioraptor is different. Our domain-agnostic AI insight platform is created by data scientists who live and breathe biology. Thus, when our algorithms analyze your process data, they come with a deep scientific understanding. Which means we are able to extract and present relevant insights scientists can just run with.


In the near future, science will run on BioRaptor

We’re building the operating system for biotech and biopharma firms. Ambitious, we know. Our OS will enable scientists to leverage scientific data and deep insights to design better experiments, learn from experiments, and understand how to accelerate outcomes.

BioRaptor OS empowers scientists in

High throughput
Cell culture
Cell therapy
Coming soon -  Genetics, Downstream, Analytics

Driving impact at every stage

Single point of truth for your data
Automatic and easy data ingestion
Optimize design-build-measure-learn cycles
Reduce analysis errors
Automatic  data acquisition
Create soft-sensors
Improved collaboration
Get faster to your next best experiment
High-throughput screening – run multiple experiments on small scale, infer the results
Shorten R&D cycles
Accelerate time-to-value
Scale your process faster
Improved process monitoring
Quality by Design (QbD)
visibility across the organization

The team

Executive team

Ori Zakin, Co founder & CEO, BioRaptor
Ori Zakin
Co founder & CEO

Ori is an engineer at heart and thrives on breaking down challenges and solving them with advanced technology from a young age. Ori has a proven track record in designing and heading the development of super large-scale, mission critical platforms in the cyber security, networking and healthcare domains.

Yaron David, Co founder & CTO, BioRaptor
Yaron David
Co founder & CTO

Yaron founded BioRaptor out of a life long passion for science and better understanding how things work. Yaron is an MD by training and holds a PhD in neuroscience. Yaron has been developing data intensive platforms throughout his career in both scientific and healthcare settings.


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