Our mission is to create the

operating system for biotechnology.

Ambitious, we know.

The OS we’re building enables scientists to leverage scientific data and deep insights to make science fiction happen sooner. By improving experiment design and maximizing learnings from experiments, BioRaptor’s OS is accelerating the development of novel foods and life-saving biopharmaceuticals.

Making it easier, quicker, and more cost-effective for scientists to discover, develop, and scale the processes that put vital foods and pharma products onto the shelves and into the hands of people who need them.

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Biotechnology is a non-stop journey into the unknown.
We help scientists use data and AI to expedite the path to success.  

When your company is pioneering the future, turning the unknown into the known fast is essential.

At BioRaptor, we’re developing biology-centric data analytics and AI tools that help the biotech industry develop solutions at unprecedented speed, agility, and efficiency. 

Bio raptor team

We're a group of passionate innovators dedicated to revolutionizing bioprocess analytics.

Our DNA is a dynamic fusion of data, technology, and scientific domain expertise. Our team comprises developers, biologists, engineers, data-scientists with backgrounds in cybersecurity, healthcare, and biology.

This medley of talents lends a unique depth to our work, allowing us to create an AI-driven, data-centric bioprocess analytics platform that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in biology. 

Meet the Executive Team

Ori Zakin

Ori Zakin

Co-founder & CEO
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Ori is an engineer at heart and thrives on breaking down challenges and solving them with advanced technology from a young age. Ori has a proven track record in designing and heading the development of super large-scale, mission-critical platforms in the cyber security, networking, and healthcare domains.

Yaron David

Yaron David

Co-founder & CTO
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Yaron founded BioRaptor out of a lifelong passion for science and making things work better.  Yaron is an MD by training and holds a PhD in neuroscience. Yaron has been developing data-intensive platforms throughout his career in scientific and healthcare settings.

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Discover our whitepapers and data sheets on optimizing bioprocess.

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